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Whether your child is exhibiting behaviours that are challenging, worrisome, or hindering day-to-day functioning, there are ways to work with your child and family that honour your unique values and needs. We can work to address behaviours in a developmentally appropriate way and provide you with the resources and support to sustain this!

Children don’t come with a manual and understanding their behaviours (and therefore their skills, needs, and wants) can be incredibly difficult! Infant and toddler behaviours are often expressions of skills they don’t yet have (such as impulse control or self-regulation) which is why assessing your child’s development and strengths can assist in determining the best ways to support them, and your family!

Areas assessed may include: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving, personal-social, self-regulation, compliance, social-communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, interaction with people, and sensory sensitivities and preferences. 

Investment: Initial Assessment & Service Process $400 / Ongoing support $80-100/hr (sliding scale)