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Early developmental screening and support plans can be essential in predicting and intervening in a child’s early life trajectory.

Assessment allows a Developmental Support Plan (DSP) to be developed, which is an individualized plan developed to monitor and support the growth of a child in key areas of child development, namely: communication, problem-solving, personal-social, gross motor and fine motor. This can also be done for social emotional development (self-regulation, compliance, social-communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people).

What can a DSP help with?

– Support the child’s development

– Provide strategies that can foster child’s development while they may be waiting for further assessment or referral to specialists

– Provide simple everyday strategies and activities to help a child reach appropriate developmental goals in a culturally appropriate and strength-based way.

– Provide an opportunity for caregivers and staff members to collaborate on a child’s development

– Helps parents and/or caregivers understand the type of experiences their child needs to meet their next developmental milestone.

Investment: Initial Assessment & Service Process $400 / Ongoing support $80-100/hr (sliding scale)

Infancy and development is also full of constant transitions . It can become easily overwhelming when you feel like you’ve just figured things out and now your child is already struggling with another transition!

I can support your family and child to help prepare, integrate, and maintain effective solutions to cope through any transition. 

This may include:

  • Feeding (breast/chest/body feeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding, solids)
  • Sleep (when what you’re doing is no longer working for you and/or you need to make a change; bedsharing, co-sleeping, independent sleep, crib/bed)
  • Introducing new siblings
  • Transitions in daily routine
  • New caregiver (nanny, daycare, family member) 
  • Starting school (preschool, JK/SK) 
  • Transitioning out of isolation/COVID lockdown
  • Other transitions unique to your family!

Investment: 3-Session Package $200 | Ongoing support  $60-80/hr (sliding scale)

Comfort, Play, Teach Groups teach a research-informed parenting approach to support healthy child development. These three parenting actions work together to generate responses from children that transform everyday interactions from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Comfort, Play & Teach builds parenting confidence, strengthens the parent-child bond, enriches the moment for the child and parent, and, ultimately, opens a world of possibilities for you both.

  • Simple, practical, relevant, easy to understand and to do, with no need for special equipment.
  • Builds on what your child can do.
  • Builds on what you can do as a parent.
  • Helps you understand your child’s current capabilities and the kinds of behaviours and skills
  • you should be watching for and supporting.
  • Gives you the opportunity and choices to support your child’s development based on his age and stage of development.
  • Stimulates a positive reaction from your child, which in turn provides strong, positive reinforcement for you.
  • For every parent.
  • Provides a common language for professionals and parents to talk about parenting.

Groups follow a 5-session model and can be run for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. These are private groups hosted by the family. 

Investment: $60/session for 1 family | $35/session for 2 families | $25/session for 3+ families