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Infant mental health is the social and emotional well-being of the very young child in the context of family relationships, beginning at birth and extending through the preschool years. Because this is a time of such rapid development and growth, many variables and factors can be at play in your child’s mental wellbeing.

While many find it hard to believe, depression can be observed in infants as early as the first 2-3 months of life, as can attachment disorders, problems with regulation of behavior and emotions, and other developmental difficulties. The rapid growth and flexibility of the brain also means that these disorders and difficulties can be much easier to address the earlier we intervene! Treatment most often involves working with parents and infants together, emphasizing relationship, interaction, emotions and knowledge of the child’s needs.

Parents/caregivers may notice differences, difficulties, or delays in their child and/or may suspect their child has symptoms of a mental health difference or disorder such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, ADHD, ASD, highly sensitive, sensory processing differences, or others. Depending on the individual child, screening assessments for specific disorders may be used and/or the following areas of development may be assessed: communication, problem-solving, personal-social, gross motor, fine motor, self-regulation, compliance, social-communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people.

Investment: Initial Assessment & Service Process $400 | Ongoing support $80-100/hr (sliding scale)

Connecting through Play sessions use the principles of Theraplay to establish, strengthen, and/or repair the parent-child relationship through play, leading to positive shifts in the child’s mood, behaviour, and overall wellbeing of the family.

The principles of Theraplay are based on attachment theory, intersubjectivity, brain research, and the importance of play. Theraplay is proactive, intensive, and relationship focused while modelling the natural patterns of healthy interaction between parent and child, interactions leading to secure attachment and lifelong mental health. Parents are actively involved and work with the practitioner to engage the child in a healthier relationship through the use of respectful, emotionally attuned, interactive, physical play.

The Intake & Assessment Package includes one assessment session, a parent reflection session, and a parent practice session. 

Investment: Intake & Assessment Package $250 | Connecting Through Play Sessions $100-125/session (sliding scale)