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In today’s culture of constant information, opinions, and advice, it’s hard to know where to turn when you have a question or concern. Grandparents? Social media? Friends? Your doctor? Google?

None of these options guarantee accurate information based on relevant and recent research, consideration of your family’s values and needs, your unique individual child, or your family’s current circumstances. They don’t provide you with the knowledge and options to make an informed decision based on what you feel is best for your family – without judgement, shame, or fear-mongering.

That is exactly what this service aims to provide. Once learning more about your family/child/circumstance – I will compile all the relevant research, recommendations, and referrals for you!

Investment: Initial Knowledge Consult $200 / Ongoing support $80-100/hr

As someone who has personally navigated healthcare and medical systems for most of my life, I know how overwhelming and draining it can be. When it comes to your children – it can be THAT much more difficult.

Whether it be physical, mental, developmental, or even a routine check-up – I can be there to support parents in understanding the knowledge presented to them, being heard by their practitioners, and self-advocating for themselves, their child, and/or family. I can also be present to provide an emotional container for parents who have medical fears or struggle with medical-related anxiety (for themselves or infant/child).

Investment: $25-30/hr (sliding scale)