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Creating, sustaining, and adapting effective family dynamics in today’s world can feel like an impossible task. Many families have been forced into uncomfortable situations…there’s less support, more anxiety and uncertainty, and little to no control.

Regardless of the shifts and changes your family may be coping with, this kind of support can be incredibly beneficial to realign family goals consistent with family values, repair & strengthen partnerships, and build opportunities for lasting connection with your children.

Being present with yourself allows you to be present with your children. Infants in particular need parents that can be responsive in the moment and engage in back and forth interaction. If this is something you’re struggling with, you are not a bad parent! Read that again. What it could mean is that seeking support is the next step & I am dedicated to working with your unique family and circumstances!

Investment: Initial Service Process $100 / Ongoing support $40-60/hr (sliding scale)

For almost a decade, I have offered a variety of childcare services to families of children 0-10. I have worked intimately in family’s homes to provide parents with a source of freedom and hope, while helping their children build early, predictable, and trusting relationships with non-kin. 


As my role and business has shifted, the need for compassionate, educated, non-judgemental and holistic childcare has only increased. To fill this gap, I have begun to offer Caregiver mentorship to both independent caregivers and families who would like their caregiver to be mentored. This process looks different depending on the family and caregiver’s needs and current knowledge and experience. Mentorship can include (but is not limited to) information on infant and early childhood mental health, healthy development and supporting milestones, brain development, types of play and sensory enrichment, attachment theory & bridging separation, challenging behaviours and compassionate discipline, basic skills (including feeding, changing, bathing), supporting biologically normal infant sleep & maintaining routines and rhythms of the family, products and resources, ongoing training, and more. 

Investment: 3-session package $200 | ongoing support $60-80/hr (sliding scale)